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Do You Have 7 Traits of an Attractive Smile?

April 2, 2021

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Woman with a beautiful smile from cosmetic dentistYou’ve heard the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so how do you know if you have an attractive smile? Many Americans say the teeth are the most memorable feature they notice when meeting someone, so it’s important your smile is giving the correct impression. There isn’t any reason to worry. Your cosmetic dentist can give your teeth a makeover. Here are 7 of the top traits they’ll consider when creating your beautiful smile.


7 Tooth Pain Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

January 1, 2021

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Woman with toothache

If you’ve been suffering from a toothache, this could be more serious than you may think. Even if you think that you are tough enough to withstand the discomfort, seeing an emergency dentist in Deer Park is likely your best bet. Toothaches are not something that should be taken lightly, and many of them become worse over time. You certainly don’t want to require a more costly and invasive procedure later on. Here are some different types and symptoms of toothaches that should not be ignored.


5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Dental Implants

December 4, 2020

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smiling woman with dental implants in Deer Park wearing Santa hat

As we near the end of 2020, it can be hard to find things to be grateful for. However, if you have replaced one or more missing teeth with dental implants, we suggest adding them to your list! Because you understand the unique benefits that this revolutionary treatment offers, you should want to share them with those around you who are considering tooth replacement. Here are just five of the many reasons to be thankful for dental implants in Deer Park.


Am I Too Old for Cosmetic Dentistry?

November 23, 2020

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No matter what stage of life you’re in, you want to look and feel great about yourself. Most people feel that having a beautiful smile is one of the most important aspects of their appearance. Whether you’re thirty-five or seventy-five, you deserve to have the smile of your dreams. Your Deer Park cosmetic dentist can clue you in to all of the options that are still on the table.


Save Money by Using Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before 2020 Ends!

October 13, 2020

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man visiting his dentist in Deer Park

When you first signed up for dental insurance through your job, you vaguely understood that it would make dental care more affordable. What you might not have realized, though, is that with the majority of plans, your benefits expire as soon as the calendar year ends. Because most Americans aren’t aware of this, billions of dollars’ worth of dental benefits head straight back to the insurance company every year. Take some time to learn how seeing your dentist in Deer Park before 2020 draws to a close can prevent you from losing money.  


What to Expect During Your First Month of Invisalign Treatment?

August 9, 2020

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Woman holding Invisalign in Deer Park

Choosing a teeth straightening option is a huge decision! Investing in your smile is one of the best things you can do both for your oral health and your day to day confidence. As excited as you are to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of, you know that it doesn’t just happen overnight. Fortunately, your dentist can tell you exactly what to expect for the first month of wearing Invisalign in Deer Park. Continue reading to learn what you’re in for.


How Dental Implants Improve More Than Just the Way Your Smile Looks

July 13, 2020

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older man brushing his dental implants in Deer Park

In a perfect world, everyone’s natural smile would last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect, and circumstances like accidents, decay, and infection can cause people to lose their teeth prematurely. While you have plenty of options to replace your missing teeth, the choice with the highest number of clear benefits is dental implants. In addition to looking just like the pearly whites you were born with, dental implants in Deer Park also offer the most advantages when it comes to your oral health. Keep reading below to learn how they can benefit your unique smile.


8 Top Tips for Caring for Your New Dentures

June 17, 2020

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Man holding dentures in deer park gives a thumbs up

Congratulations on your new dentures in Deer Park! This traditional method for replacing missing teeth is a quick and affordable way to get back to enjoying your complete smile again. While they are not a permanent solution to the gaps in your smile, you can expect them to last you at least a decade with the proper care. Here are the top denture care tips your Deer Park dentist recommends to help extend their lifespan.


Are Veneers A Safe Option for You?

May 9, 2020

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Woman getting veneers in Deer Park

You often see celebrities in movies and TV shows who show off their flawless smiles. As much as they want you to think it, most perfect smiles do not come naturally. While there is a variety of different dental procedures that people get done to perfect their smile, many celebrities credit theirs to dental veneers. Whether your teeth have chips, are discolored, or have large gaps between them, veneers are a great option to give you a flawless smile that makes you feel confident. Your dentist can tell you about the benefits of getting veneers in Deer Park and if they are good for your teeth.


5 Clear Signs That You Need an Emergency Dentist

April 18, 2020

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tooth needing an emergency dentist

During the worldwide pandemic, all non-essential businesses and services are closed, but as you take a drink of cold water, you feel a sharp pain that has been building up. Your dentist is available for dental emergencies only, but does this qualify as an emergency? Is it worth the risk? Because it can be tricky to tell when you should visit your emergency dentist, we’ve provided these five clear signs of serious trouble, so you don’t have to second guess.