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Dental Insurance – Deer Park, TX

Dental Insurance Welcome

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Our team at Deer Park Dental - Gregg Mosley, DDS is proud to offer the highest quality of dental care to families and individuals in the area. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay a high cost. At your job, do you have dental insurance benefits? Deer Park Dental - Gregg Mosley, DDS is the place where you can get the most value out of your coverage, so get in touch with our team to schedule your next dental appointment!

Understand How Dental Insurance Works

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With medical insurance, most of the coverage focuses on treating existing problems, but dental insurance is different—your benefits actually decrease as the treatment intensifies. Preventive care and early intervention are highly encouraged because it is less expensive to avoid a problem to begin with than to treat it later on. Therefore, if you want to maximize your savings through your benefits, you need to take advantage of preventive care.

Know What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

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Although there are some general trends in dental insurance, you need to check your specific coverage. We can help you understand what services are covered and how much you’ll be responsible for paying. Your benefits may look like the following:

  • 50 percent coverage for major restorative services (e.g., dental crown).
  • 70 to 80 percent coverage for minor restorative services (e.g., tooth-colored fillings).
  • 80 to 100 percent coverage for preventive services (e.g., dental cleanings and checkups).

Proudly Welcoming All Insurances

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We are in-network with Sun Life Financial. What does that mean? Basically, if you have dental insurance through one of these companies, you have the chance to save even more money on your dental care. However, keep in mind that even if we are not in-network with your dental insurance company, we welcome all PPO plans and we are happy to file claims for you. With us on your side, you’ll be able to save money while you take care of your smile.